Terms & Conditions

Bookings are made either by sending an email to booking @ executive-chauffeur.com or through our bookings page at https://executive-chauffeur.com/booking.html

Any quotation provided is not a confirmed booking until the customer has confirmed the booking with us and we have acknowledged that confirmation. It therefore makes sense to confirm bookings sooner rather than later to avoid risk of losing the booking slot by someone confirming first. We work on a first booked, first confirmed basis Also, once a confirmed booking is in place we wouldn’t relinquish our commitment to that booking.

All prices are as quoted by the booking administrator. It is important to agree a price with the booking office prior to embarking on the journey. The Chauffeurs are not authorised to make changes to charges.

We accept all major credits cards including American Express, Visa, Mastercard and Switch. For invoices and bank wire transfers payment must be in Pounds Sterling.

Waiting time
If the waiting time exceeds the agreed allowed time then we shall make a charge of GBP 25 per hour. The grace period is as follows:

For flight arrivals: Local and Europe flights are 30 – 45 minutes
International flights are 45 – 60 minutes
Pick-ups: Home/Office/specified location 10 – 15 minutes

Out of hours
Bookings between 00:00 – 06:00 hours, and Bank Holidays will be charged at time and a half. UK Public Holidays will be charged at double time.

No Shows
The charge will be raised at the full rate quoted for the booking.

Disorderly Behaviour
Executive Chauffeur reserves the right to refuse travel to anyone that it deemed to be a nuisance or danger to its Chauffeurs or passengers. No compensation or refund shall be made to anyone requested to leave the vehicle under such circumstances.

Smoking / Alcohol
Executive Chauffeur adopts a no smoking policy, and do not permit the consumption of alcohol in their vehicles.

Lost Property
Our Chauffeurs check their vehicles after each journey to ensure that passengers have not left property or luggage within the vehicle. If the Chauffeur finds any property left behind belonging to a passenger in their vehicle they will endeavour to inform the passenger directly and arrange a return.  If this is not possible they will report the find to their operator (who will then record the incident in the lost property log). If the owner does not come forward within a reasonable time the lost property will be handed to the nearest Police station.

If you have any queries regarding lost property please contact us by telephone or email.

Please refer to our complaints page.